All Season Merino Wool Duvet 15 tog


Pure washable 100% wool, no synthetic layers. 100% cotton outer.
Two separate duvets for three sleeping options. It consists of a 250 gsm (4.5 tog) duvet for summer and a 500 gsm (10.5 tog) duvet for the spring and autumn, which can be joined together for the winter 750 gsm (15 tog)

  • 100% wool filling, 100% cotton cover
  • Wool filling is completely held in place by quilted stitch pattern
  • Machine washable at 40 degrees on wool cycle with wool detergent. Line dry only.
  • Looking for EU or international size bedding? We can also make these in custom sizes.

Please do not hesitate do contact us for more information.

Wool is a breathable fiber that provides instant warmth unlike synthetic materials. It regulates itself to the individual body temperature and really is warm in winter whilst cool in summer (in cold temperatures, wool removes (wicks) moisture from the skin whilst at the same time its insulating qualities trap dry air and warmth. In warm temperatures, wool’s breathable qualities draws in air which removes excess heat and moisture from the body, helping the wearer stay cool). When we sleep, if we are too hot, moisture accumulates; we perspire even more, become restless, change position or throw off the covers to cool off. Cooler air immediately starts to dry the moisture through evaporation making you feel cold. This restless, disturbed sleep can be detrimental to the immune system and increase the production of stress hormones. Perfect for couples with differing warmth requirement.

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